I don't mind a bye, but my concern would be mostly around teams seeded say 3 or 4 through 6. I have no faith in the

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By Buck the Trend on 08:52:43 06/08/21
[In reply to "I expected I would be categorically against any playoff scenario that involved a first round bye" by cvillebuck, posted at 08:39:57 06/08/21]

committee to do a good job of ranking those teams accurately. They have shown multiple times that # of losses trumps everything else in their minds, not taking into effect anything else like strength of schedule, data, etc. This year was a good example. ND getting a bye while A&M and Oklahoma, who were clearly as good if not better, is tough. Still better than 5 and 6 being left out altogether though.

: as the benefit of playing one less playoff game is too great an advantage. But I really don’t hate a 12-team bracket.

: Seeds 1-4 have the first round bye. 5-12 play a play-in game, then an 8-team playoff from there.

: My thinking has changed.. teams 5-12 should be disadvantaged, as they will be almost entirely 2-3 loss teams who didn’t win their conference. Of course, the 5 seed will feel slighted they didn’t make the top-4, but that is entirely different than being left out all together.

: So the goal still remains the same: win all your games, win your conference and make the top 4. If you slip up along the way, you’re still in but your path through the playoff is more challenging.

: I like this significantly better than an 8-team and 16-team playoff.

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