The ratings won't be nearly as good if top stars opt out to prep for the NFL.

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By OscarSierraUniform on 09:59:17 06/08/21
[In reply to "This is all about ratings, which equals money. Can you imagine what the ratings would (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 09:48:24 06/08/21]

If you're the 16 seed and you have 2-3 stars on your team that make you better and competitive against a higher seeded who choose to opt out of the post season to prep for the next level, the 16th seeded team is awash.

Furthermore, there are fans out there who tune in to watch certain players.

If those players aren't on the field, the viewership decreases.

Who wants to watch a 16th seed San Diego State who may lose a few NFL-worthy juniors or seniors who opt out lose to Alabama, Ohio State or Clemson 63-0?

The game won't have the capturing effect to the casual fan.

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