Meh. All other NCAA lower divisions have 16 team playoffs with possible 15 game schedules (m)

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By Barrett777 on 10:05:53 06/08/21
[In reply to "I can't imagine the coaches want 2 more potential extra games. *" by Purgatory Buck, posted at 08:56:21 06/08/21]

Never heard the whining from any of the lower Divisions about too many games, takes away from their studies, or anything of the like.

Take one of the meaningless OOC games away if the fear is too many on the backside. Some of these games are more exhibitions than anything else.

I am good with anything from an 8, 12, or 16 team format. Preference would be for more teams so the 12 or 16 would be best IMO.

Would definitely want to see the first round games played at the home field of the higher ranked school. Play them the week after Conference Championships. If it is a 12 team playoff, these first round games are actually play-in style games.

If the 12 team format was chosen and it did include first round play-in games played at the home site of the higher seeds, vast majority of them should not interfere with the P5 CCG's. Only the lowest seed of the five Conference Champions would be in a play-in game that potentially would be played the week after their CCG.

16 might be too many, and might water down the playoffs some. The interesting thing is there could be some pressure from the top P5 schools to play that extra home play-in game for pure money reasons. Would an OSU or Alabama rather sit out that first round if undefeated and league champ, or play a first round game at home versus a 15 or 16 seed team they most likely beat up? There is money involved especially is a big home game is added like that.

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