LOL. That is not why they have played 16 team playoffs for a long time. Most every sport does it this way (m)

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By Barrett777 on 11:20:47 06/08/21
[In reply to "Those lower divisions have to have a playoff because no one watches them or cares about them during their regular season *" by Purgatory Buck, posted at 10:18:50 06/08/21]

Only reason FBS D1 did not do it long ago was because of not wanting to break up the Bowl system. All of the other reasons have been excuses. HS'a all have big playoffs in every sport.

The Bowl system has now been destroyed anyhow, so that is excuse is gone.

12 team is probably a happy medium. It absolutely still puts a premium on the regular season since the top P5 CC's will get a first round bye, and then second round get a Home game which they most likely win. It would be awesome to see a top ranked OSU play a 2nd place Bama/LSU/Florida in Columbus in December.

Those games played in December to get to a Final 4 on a Home field with major intersectional giant programs would be awesome for college football. Would be very similar to the NFL playoffs played in any number of weather environments.

Most teams are not going to play 15 games. Only the final teams that advance all the way.

For the teams 5-12 of course they would be thrilled to play extra games to have a chance to compete for a Natty.

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