In college football, a 16 seed team v. a 1 seed is meaningless.(m)

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By OscarSierraUniform on 11:25:08 06/08/21
[In reply to "Not sure the disagreement here?" by Barrett777, posted at 11:00:29 06/08/21]

This is why you don't see #16 vs #1 in typical bowl games.

You aren't pitting the best teams together.

What you do see is #16 playing a #14 in a bowl game that means something to the teams, the respective fan/alums and a better, more competitive game.

The divide between 1 and 16 in today's CFB environment is wide and growing wider.

So a 16 v. 1 first round game will be meaningless.

So in-short.

If we weren't matching up #16 vs. #1 in bowl games in the recent past, why do it now? No one wants to watch blowouts with the possibility of career ending injuries for the very few promising NFL prospects on a 16 seed.

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