Different argument. SO are we agreeing few to no top players will opt out of a NC playoff game? (m)

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By Barrett777 on 11:28:24 06/08/21
[In reply to "Not many when you're a championship-caliber team by the way. (m)" by OscarSierraUniform, posted at 10:39:40 06/08/21]

: A 16 seeded or even a 12 seeded team is not national championship caliber at that point in the season.

There are mid majors every year that do not get a chance. Who knows if they are not good enough to beat everyone? I agree no conference should get more than 3 teams in. That would water it down. 2 should be the max unless there are obvious reasons a specific conference has 3 top teams.

: They played their regular season games and they ended up outside the top 10 for a reason.

Sample size is too small right now to know for sure who the absolute top teams are. In too many cases teams are filling OOC schedules with cupcake games. Some teams lose one or two nailbiters early, but in some cases might be the best team at end of regular season.

: Because they dropped 2-3 games.

Some teams who lose 2 games are better than some teams who lost none. With the schedules being so much different and so little intersectional play it is impossible to gauge who the true top teams are at end of season often.

: Why do you want to award a team with a playoff appearance after 2-3 losses?

Any team with a lower seed would have a very huge large hill to climb to make the final 4. I like the 12 team idea. That would mean a team seeded 9-12 would have to win two games on the road versus higher ranked teams to make a Final 4. They get a shot, but it is a longshot. Upsets will happen though, and that is great for college football.

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