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By Barrett777 on 11:37:11 06/08/21
[In reply to "In college football, a 16 seed team v. a 1 seed is meaningless.(m)" by OscarSierraUniform, posted at 11:25:08 06/08/21]

Of course very few 16 seeds will beat a 1 seed. That is the way it is designed. It also validates the importance of the regular season to earn that #1 seed and get to play a #16 seed at Home.

#5 versus #8 gets more interesting.

I also said I would prefer the 12 team playoff. The top 4 teams get first round byes.

That leaves it with 8 teams. A #8 can absolutely beat a #1 team on the road.

Right now IMO OSU fans have jumped the shark because of the recent dominance.

I would have loved to see a 1969, 1973, 1996, 1998, 2005, and 2015 team get shots in a playoff regardless of the format.

Maybe the 2002 does not win a NC in a 12 team playoff, but a few of these other years they do?

I get why OSU, Bama, and Clemson fans want to keep it to 4 teams. It is self serving for those fan bases IMO. Historically speaking, and going forward speaking for the good of college football expanding it to a minimum of 8 if not more teams is best IMO.

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