it's being more rapidly ruined as time goes on. Some of it is for the right reasons...

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By Brutus on 11:37:55 06/08/21
[In reply to "12 or 16 will ruin the college game " by nospreaddefense, posted at 11:02:24 06/08/21]

...for instance, NIL. There's very little reason why players shouldn't be able to make money off their name-image-likeness. The issue is that it adds a new layer of professionalism (that has been hiding in plain sight by the way) to the college game. and as a sport, especially an 'amateur' sport, becomes more corporate and professional...interest generally dwindles.

There was a time that bowls were a huge deal. The playoff has murdered the bowls completely. As you note, the playoff hasn't totally killed off the regular season at this point but even in the SEC it's pretty much noted that you can drop a game and still be in position to be ok for the playoff. Any playoff expansion simply speeds up the death of the regular season. NBA has a pointless regular season to the point where teams don't really care about seeding anymore. NHL is similar except that postseason is always wacky already. NFL has scarcity of games on its side. MLB is a sideshow at this point. As you note, getting to 12 or 16 teams in a playoff means certain teams can probably lose 3 games in a 12 game season and get in. yawn.

the playoff becomes this entity eating everything else.

: Eight should be limit or it ruins regular season completely. The attendance will plummet as the regular season games become meaningless. I was at penn state year before last and plenty of open seats for biggest home game of the year. Add the fact that the athletic department has jacked up prices with the variable crap prices. Why would anyone go to a game other than Michigan. Save your money for playoff games or big championship. Going to 12 or 16 would make regular season a joke. Alabama could lose five games and still be in.

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