No. I am not agreeing to that. Commonsense tells me this game is about money. (m)

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By OscarSierraUniform on 11:39:23 06/08/21
[In reply to "Different argument. SO are we agreeing few to no top players will opt out of a NC playoff game? (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 11:28:24 06/08/21]

If you're a top NFL prospect on a mediocre team sneaking into a playoff game as a 16 seed, chances are, you're going to lookout for your future earning potential and sit out instead of risking injury, lowering your stock or possibly suffering a career-ending injury in a game that your team is going to get their heads kicked in by an Alabama, Ohio State or some other 1 seed.

You're probably going to use commonsense for the health of your body and future finances and sit out.

The game is about money and individuals more than ever these days.

It's a rarity that a player (especially coming from a mediocre team) who will stick around and risk it all.

NFL $$$$ rules these players in general.

It's what they are ultimately playing for.

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