The 16th rank team in the AP poll rarely loses to # 1 by 50 (m)

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By PickTownBuck on 11:40:11 06/08/21
[In reply to "Top draft prospect won't stay on 16th seeded team only to get blown out by 50 and possible career-ending injuries.(m)" by OscarSierraUniform, posted at 10:57:47 06/08/21]

: NFL money?

: Or, your 16th seeded team getting their balls blown off by Ohio State or Alabama while you suffer a career-ending injury during the game with no chance at the next level?

In fact, a quick interent search reveals multiple times in the last few years where teams ranked 10- 16 have defeated higher ranked teams. In 2014 #14 OSU beat #8 MSU. it happens every year.

This isn't basketball, where a 16 sead is at best the 62nd best team in the country. But in footbal #16 rarely gets rolled by 7 TD's against #1.

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