Ohio in general hasn't put out a great deal of elite qb talent so when

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By Poisonut on 08:04:05 06/09/21
[In reply to "Always thought Coop got a bad rap on that one. IIRC, Ben only played one year at QB behind the coaches son(m)" by 4OHST8, posted at 07:50:01 06/09/21]

one goes on to have a NFL hall of fame type career and a program like OSU missed on him, and it's going to be a bad look. That being said I don't know anyone who would have predicted that kind of result at the time.

: so his track record was somewhat speculative. Also, he was not a guy who always wanted to play at OSU. His father went to Ga Tech and I think they were always somewhat ambivalent if not downright anti-OSU. Coop was probably just being honest about where he stood. Though the '99 - '01 time period was certainly not the golden age for QB at OSU.

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