I've heard Bernie speak on his recruitment and it was the offensive background

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By Poisonut on 08:48:31 06/09/21
[In reply to "Bernie was AP's Ohio POY, Parade AA, never got Love from OSU, his final choices, Miami, UF, UC and WVU." by Iron Mike, posted at 08:33:34 06/09/21]

and time in the NFL of Howard Schnellenberger that got Bernie down to Miami to play for the Hurricanes. Schnellenberger, had spent time in the NFL, promised a pass oriented offense that would cater to Bernie's strengths and Bernie as a football mind was at another level from most high school QB's, and was capable of learning and implementing NFL pass concepts and plays. So it was a natural fit.

: He obviously made the right choice. A team with a pro style offense playing in a warm weather environment was the right choice for a lanky, slow-footed QB. I question whether Coop could've/would've modified the OSU offense to take advantage of Kosar's skill set.

: Self-Edit: I was wrong in questioning Cooper, who was not the OSU coach when Kosar was in high school. Earl Bruce was the coach, and probably he was even less likely than Cooper to be able to modify his offensive scheme to fit Kosar's skill set.

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