The model where prep schools and colleges run minor league sports franchises for pro leagues is uniquely American. (m)

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By Iron Mike on 09:19:41 06/09/21
[In reply to "it's being more rapidly ruined as time goes on. Some of it is for the right reasons..." by Brutus, posted at 11:37:55 06/08/21]

In the rest of the world amateur sports are run by Club leagues more similar to the AAU set-up than the NCAA, by professional minor leagues such as baseball, or by a complicated youth/age group system like Canadian junior hockey.

It's not easy to explain why important institutions of advanced research and learning like Ohio State, Michigan, Stanford, UCLA, et al. maintain huge stadiums and arenas as venues for non-academic activities which are aimed at entertaining the general public and not merely students and alums.

The link is to an article which appeared in The Atlantic ten years ago, in its October, 2011 issue. I suspect that many O-Zone posters read it then, and its interesting and sad to realize that the universities failed to effectively respond to the forces of change which arguably they should have perceived to be inevitable.

Link: The Shame of College Sports

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