it's another way to sift through the population or players and programs that are schmucks...

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By Brutus on 10:38:35 06/09/21
[In reply to "The portal will force coaches to quit overpromising or flat out lying. For a lot of programs (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 08:45:41 06/09/21]

...programs that have high rates of transfers out and in probably are rotten behind closed doors.

and players that bounce from program to program multiple times in a short period of time are probably headcases for one reason or the other.

And all the while the best programs and cultures will continue to get stronger through the use of the portal (both in and out)...making those programs even stronger while others play catch up.

: the only way to get highly rated players to commit is to tell them whatever they want to hear. That won’t work anymore.

: tOSU doesn’t have these same concerns. The greatest will always come here to compete (& make a lot of money in NIL). Then if they don’t end up winning the job they are competing for, they’ll transfer out. Pretty simple stuff for us.

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