alot of those rankings are snake oil recruiting agencies.....the real kids will come out in a year or two

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By joe paws dirty draws on 10:38:38 06/09/21
[In reply to "Class of 2025... so these kids are going to be H.S. freshmen? Mmmkay... *" by DaBuckBoys, posted at 09:02:19 06/09/21]

These snakes take money from kids to get “offers” and they get the offers from big schools early because of connections, but most don’t end up playing any college ball or end up in lower divisions.

We are in the lowest division in California and played a team that had brought in a bunch of club guys with “offers”, two guys had offers from Maryland. There’s no way that’s true. They’d have trouble starting on a JC team by the time they graduate.

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