On the surface that is definitely a true statement, but I do wonder if this adopted son had a tenuous relationship (m)

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By Barrett777 on 13:25:59 06/09/21
[In reply to "It seems strange Bo wouldn’t step in ti stop the abuse of his own son (adopted or not). *" by Buck Martini, posted at 12:56:42 06/09/21]

with Bo?

There are always two sides of a story. Seems strange this adopted son would come forth with this right now. Will be interesting if he has told several others about telling Bo awhile ago when it was fresh? What exactly he told Bo would also be important, and would he remember word for word what was said this many years after? If his stepson did tell Bo about it, somehow I could picture Bo getting on him as to why he did not knock the doctor on his arse.

Do not remember any of the other two players claiming this either. Will be interesting if someone who was a more famous name from SCum days gone by comes forth about Bo's supposed knowledge.

There could be money potentially involved with the lawsuit, thus there is that possible motive. We are still a nation where someone is innocent until proven guilty. Given Bo cannot defend himself, the proof needs to be very strong to bring him down at this stage unless he knowledge was clearly documented earlier IMO.

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