Not everything fits a perfect clinical description (m)

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By Barrett777 on 16:13:31 06/09/21
[In reply to ""Seems strange this adopted son would come forth with this right now." No, it isn't. It's entirely typical (m)..." by Hibernobuck, posted at 15:05:28 06/09/21]

As said in initial post, there are two sides to every story. His stepson is now trying his stepdad post mortem in the court of public opinion. I have little care for Bo the man, but regardless of who it is he should have some benefit of the doubt given he cannot defend or represent himself. It is all hearsay now unless this stepson has others he told way back when about what happened and also that he had told his stepfather.

I noticed Bo had a separate son with Matt's birth mother. Quite often in families especially with some stepkids and some natural kids there is jealousy and bad feelings one way or the other. I could post clinical studies on that scenario. It proves nothing for this situation.

The timing is very questionable IMO. I have an open mind on it both ways. I would think there would be a few more famous players that also had it happen, and can also verify they too talked to Bo about it and he did nothing. A plausible theory of defense is the two no-name former players and a possible jilted stepson could be looking for a payday.

The situation with McCreary at PSU was different simply due tot he details he had to back his story up with JoePa and Sandusky. Maybe there is similar here? We shall see as more is learned.

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