Who are those two? I do not remember them. Not the number, but the quality (m)

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By Barrett777 on 16:35:33 06/09/21
[In reply to ""Kwiatkowski and Johnson...said they alerted Bo Schembechler...about Anderson's abuse" (m)" by Hibernobuck, posted at 16:24:20 06/09/21]

of supposed witnesses at this stage.

If this Doctor did these terrible things for decades there has to be a large number of players aware. A decent portion of them including some team leaders taking it to Bo.

A possible jilted son-in-law with two no names lacks in “ quality” witnesses for me right now given the other side has no ability to defend. We are talking about decades old allegations of football players who were not kids at the time.

I am open on it. Whether it is Woody or Bo, they deserve benefit if the doubt of innocence in post mortem unless there is such string proof it could be proven beyond reasonable doubt in court. Right now there is nowhere close to that. Maybe more ironclad proof shows up, or some impeachable sources. These three might be in it for the money or have done axe to grind. Unless they would be out under oath and cross examined we do not know whether they have false intentions.

If there are 20+ like a Bill Cosby situation then quantity surely matters. These three though? Not enough yet IMO. Still early.

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