Um, goes to potential motive? Like money, or player PO'ed because they did not play? (m)

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By Barrett777 on 17:41:09 06/09/21
[In reply to "Yeesh. I wasn't aware that a witness' believability was directly proportional to his position on the depth chart.*" by Hibernobuck, posted at 17:06:37 06/09/21]

I have zero doubt that you could go find a decent number of players who never made it in a top football program with an old school coach who would have some less than nice things to say about the HC and some Assistants. Old School coaches like Woody and Bo were as tough as they come. Players get pushed beyond what they think is possible. Some break, and disappear.

So yes, I think each of these three could be potentially picked apart on a witness stand by a defense attorney in a court of law. Did you see the WR said it happened to him 15 times? Seriously? 15 times a GAM playing football for SCum would allow a doctor to abuse them 15 times? I would love for that story to be cross-examined.

Woody would have probably chewed one of his players out if they came to him during the 60's and 70's and told him a doctor was trying to touch their private parts and did nothing about it. I could easily envision Woody asking them a single question. Why would you just sit there and take it? Either get out of there, or kick their arse.

I do not give any male college football player much benefit of the doubt claiming this sort of thing from a male doctor decades later. Every athlete I played with from Senior year in HS up through college years would have kicked the crap out of any doctor if they went there.

Females and underage boys are a different story. Male football players over 18 at a school like SCum or OSU with a tough coach like Bo or Woody? Minimum they would push the doctor away and get out of there, and likely many of them would pound them.

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