It doesn't mean the story isn't true, but yes, they had an extremely contentious relationship-- Matt SUED Bo (m)

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By ScriptOhio (Texas Ex) on 17:42:39 06/09/21
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Ex-Wolverines Coach Portrayed in GQ
August 21, 1999
ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) _ Longtime Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler abused and humiliated his players and stepsons, a former player writes in a magazine article.

``Bully Bo,″ written by ex-player Elwood Reid, appears in the September issue of ``Gentleman’s Quarterly,″ which is to appear on newsstands Tuesday. Reid was approached about writing the article by Schembechler’s youngest stepson, Matt, 40, The Ann Arbor News reported. The story is a recollection of the men’s experiences with Bo Schembechler, who coached the Wolverines from 1969-89.

``I figured (Matt Schembechler) has an ax to grind. And maybe I do, too, because the truth is that Bo has never left me,″ writes Reid, who played two seasons at Michigan and did not speak with Bo Schembechler before writing the article. ``Even now I can hear his voice, feel the snap of his gaze as I stand in judgment before him.

``Matt also bears the mark of Bo and his demanding how-to-be-a-man dicta. I want to hear his story: what it was like to live with the man for whom I’ve carried around a sack of hate since I stepped on the field more than a decade ago. A man who haunts my dreams.″

The Ann Arbor News, which received an advance copy of the article, said it could not reach Bo Schembechler, Matt Schembechler or Reid for comment. There was no answer at Bo Schembechler’s home on Saturday.

Dan Jilek, a linebacker under Schembechler from 1973-75, said most of Schembechler’s former players thought well of him then and now.

``My experience with Bo was very positive,″ said Jilek, an Ann Arbor-based insurance agent. ``I’ve always had a great deal of respect for him. I’m sure, like any organization, someone can become disillusioned because of their own experiences, but I feel to this day that Bo is an honest, straightforward person. You never had to guess what he was thinking.″

Matt Schembechler, an Ann Arbor businessman, is suing his father, the university and 12 other defendants, accusing them of trying to ruin his sports memorabilia business and damage his reputation.


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