Simple question for Matt who claims he was 10 at the time (m)

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By Barrett777 on 17:47:34 06/09/21
[In reply to "I am skeptical of posthumous revelations simply because the accused can offer no defense*" by 1$’s 2¢, posted at 17:07:56 06/09/21]

Matt, did you tell your mom about this abuse?

His mom was his birth mom who Bo married later. Bo adopted her 3 kids including Matt. Bo and his wife went on to have one other son they both shared.

It makes zero sense on the surface that Matt would tell his stepdad something this terrible and not his real mom. With as much as Bo had on his mind running a huge football program his time at home was no doubt limited. At 10 years old it seems questionable how close Matt could have been to Bo when he was 10 years old.

If Bo was told about the doctor, then highly likely his mom was as well. Once he answers that question then there would be follow-up questions like what was SCum's team doctor checking you out medically as a 10 year old?

Then the WR said the doctor abused him 15 times? Excuse me, a GAM playing football for a school like SCum would go back 14 times after the first incident and not do anything to stop it? Seems ridiculous on the face of the claim.

Maybe they could answer the obvious answers. Right now it appears IMO they would be eaten up in a court of law by a defense attorney.

Could not stand Bo personally as the coach at TSUN, but in post mortem as you suggested he deserves more than the benefit of the doubt given he cannot defend himself.

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