Not at all! He's excited about their interest. He needs to stay healthy. (m)

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By OscarSierraUniform on 06:48:21 06/10/21
[In reply to "Why not count YSU Oscar?? Too small of school? Careful, don't write them off too soon. *" by Northeast Ohio Buckeye, posted at 13:10:43 06/09/21]

Freshman year he sustained 2 concussions in-season.

1 more and we were probably pulling him.

Last season, he sustained a hyperextended elbow in game 3 v. Westerville Central which knocked him out of a pretty good season he was putting together for himself.

He's been working hard at KSM Sports in Powell(speed & agility) and the daily lifts he attends with his team. KSM has trained folks like Jack Sawyer, Zach Harrison, et al.

He has set his sights on getting more interest.

He's attending some camps in July so we'll see what kind of reaction he gets.

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