I tend to agree. I would prefer a system that maximizes conference championships as I think that makes the regular(m)

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By 4OHST8 on 12:08:14 06/10/21
[In reply to "Anything that includes non-conference champs as at-large selections is a fail, IMO." by Mr.C, posted at 11:56:25 06/10/21]

season games better and more meaningful. Just my personal preference but I would rather see a 9-3 conference champion get a shot than the 3rd place team in the SEC West, as an example. To me this just encourages weak out of conference scheduling and the FCS match-ups late in the season along with 1 fewer conference game advantage we see today. If I was the B1G, one condition for inclusion would be to be eligible as a conference champ, the conferences must play the same number of conference games.

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