"If it was so bad why didn't you punch him in the face?" That's the mindset of some posters on this very thread (m)

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By Hibernobuck on 12:40:19 06/10/21
[In reply to "Man, difficult subject. I guess I'd ask - does a failure of comprehension on Bo's part constitute a moral failing?" by Mr.C, posted at 09:35:49 06/10/21]

...and they've no excuse for not knowing how nonsensical that is.

Valid parallels are to be drawn between the treatment of victims of sexual violence in the 1960s and 1970s, and black Americans in the era of Jim Crow. The fact that the cruelty directed at them in each case was ubiquitous does not render it forgiveable.

But yes: the rape of women at that time was almost unspeakable in society, far less the rape (penile, digital or instrumental) of men. The Washington, DC Rape Crisis Centre claims to be the very first in the world. And it wasn't founded until 1972.

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