I'm one, and I can assure you me and most of my friends are not like that. We half-pay attention during games (m)

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By Maximus on 13:20:50 06/10/21
[In reply to "I hope he does well, but Bears fans are insufferable *" by Ivo Shandor, posted at 10:08:03 06/10/21]

mostly to drink and catch up and rip on each other. Once they've lost, which they do a LOT of, it's over. No one ever gets mad or throws shit like some are known to do after Buckeye losses. Happy when they win. DGAS when they lose, except playoff games, but even then, not really.

I do have a staff member who is very close with the McCaskey family and sits in their suite with them for all the home games. Now - she's totally cray cray. When they lose to GB, she's in a foul mood all week.

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