'97 Rose Bowl, '15 Championship, and '85 Iowa (m)

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By LebBuck on 14:53:59 06/10/21
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For three different reasons:
1. '97 Rose - Was a dream to go to an OSU Rose Bowl. We ended up with 24 extended family members joining me and a buddy just because they wanted to be a part of this with us. One of my favorite family remembrances.
2. '15 NCG - Another dream... National Championship. That alone was awesome, but I got to enjoy it with 3 of my best friends from OSU. Again, it being OSU was great, but with best friends, that was the topper.
3. '87 Iowa - I was a young HS goof off without a care in the world. My brother was a Freshman. He got two tickets for me and my mom. We were in the first row right by the band (when they were on the field). My brother sat with us. We upset #1 Iowa, and the place was in a frenzy. I celebrated with thousands of others on the field after the game, the band was playing, a goal post went down. We then walked back to his dorm and on the Oval, a bunch of guys had one long piece of the goal post... maybe 15 ft long. The piece ended up at Papa Joe's behind the bar. On that day, I (kinda) got my act together and said "I'm going to Ohio State!" to my mom. I don't know who was happier.

Great memories.

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