Doubt 3 losses is in unless they are the right 3 losses (m)

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By Barrett777 on 15:40:04 06/10/21
[In reply to "It's true. Potential for these teams to lose 3 games and get in..." by Brutus, posted at 15:19:53 06/10/21]

OSU plays only 2 team every year in OOC that has chance to beat them. If the 3 losses are in Conference OSU would be not in top 3 of the B1G most likely. Good chance at heart two of the losses will be to B1G East opponents. Most likely SCum, PSU, or maybe Sparty if they ever recover. Maybe Indiana is the new Sparty?

I doubt OSU loses three games over the next two years given the schedule and where B1G opponents are right now. If OSU loses 3 games in 2023 then something major has changed. Either with OSU taking a step back, or a few other teams taking big steps up.

Last one OSU lost three games was 2011. I would give it 10% chance OSU, Clemson, or Oklahoma get in with 3 losses. Bama has a 50% chance because SEC might get 4 teams in some years especially if it is Bama.

There will be a lot of pressure to give two or three spots minimum to mid majors. They will be seen as cannon fodder first round opponents. Notre Dame if good will find a way to get in a lot.

With five P5 conferences there might be one or two leagues at most who get three teams in. There will have to be a lot if justification to give one P5 conference three spots and another only one.

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