Ewers ain't sitting until 2024

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By Brutus on 10:10:10 07/19/21
[In reply to "Heard a podcast breakdown of the OSU QB room over the next few years, pretty good summary (m)" by Ivo Shandor, posted at 08:21:23 07/19/21]

That's speculation of course. Same with everything else on this topic including what those on this podcast said.

Prepare for the 2021 QB job winner (presumed Stroud) and Ewers to be it for 2022 and be happily surprised if it works out differently IMO.

: 2021 - Assume it's Stroud's job
: Backups: McCord (FR) & Miller (SO)

: 2022 - Stroud's job
: Backups: McCord (SO), Ewers (FR)
: Notes: Miller likely transfers; this is a key year to convince McCord to stay, and Stroud should go to NFL after this year, if he's not good enough to go to NFL, he likely already lost the job to McCord

: Stroud to NFL after his 3rd year and 2 starting years

: 2023 - McCord's (JR) job
: Backups: Ewers (SO), TBD (Redshirt)
: Notes: Need to convince Ewers to stay for this year, unless he pulls a Trevor Lawrence - Kelly Bryant, but McCord has an NFL arm and may be ready for NFL after this year; if he's not (similar to above) then Ewers will have already beaten him out

: McCord to NFL after his 3rd year and 1 starting year (a la Dwayne Haskins)

: 2024 - Ewers job (likely for 1 year) then off to NFL

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