That will come down to his decision, whether transferring to Texas, A&M, Florida, etc as Soph is a better situation (m)

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By Ivo Shandor on 11:33:43 07/19/21
[In reply to "Ewers ain't sitting until 2024" by Brutus, posted at 10:10:10 07/19/21]

... Than having everything setup on a silver platter at OSU. Being 2 years in a system, having the best WR room in the country, being (at least co-) favorites to win a national title, etc.

If he wants to go be the man at a 1B school or have a plug and play situation ready to go in year 3 at a bonafide 1A school

: That's speculation of course. Same with everything else on this topic including what those on this podcast said.

: Prepare for the 2021 QB job winner (presumed Stroud) and Ewers to be it for 2022 and be happily surprised if it works out differently IMO.

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