just not seeing a guy rated in the TLaw/Fields sticking it out 2 years on the pine...

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By Brutus on 12:38:58 07/19/21
[In reply to "That will come down to his decision, whether transferring to Texas, A&M, Florida, etc as Soph is a better situation (m)" by Ivo Shandor, posted at 11:33:43 07/19/21]

...regardless of where he goes. not with the portal free and easy.

My main thing here is that whoever stays after whoever is named the starter this fall...everyone gets some kind of shot on the field. the biggest annoyance of the JTB-Haskins-Burrow situation is that the other two really never got a shot in games. Haskins did when JTB got hurt vs Michigan and showed the potential. Burrow didn't even get that chance. My argument then, especially after the OU game in Columbus when OSU's offense somehow made OU look good on defense, was that it was clear JTB, while very good, wasn't a NC level QB and staff should trust its recruiting and development (Burrow and Haskins) and see how it looks with them. Not exactly punting on the season but in some ways it may have been. It would have been unconventional and extremely aggressive. It also didn't happen and Haskins played a year and Burrow left and went full legend.

Now, OSU is recruiting even better at the position than ever before. stacking big time HS QBs from around the nation. That fact and transferring being such an east thing to do - the old rules of one guy starting and staying the starter until injury or whatever...that almost has to change or you get gutted at the position just as quickly as you got stacked.

Keeping 2 of Stroud, Miller, McCord and Ewers for 2023 would be a raging success IMO.

: ... Than having everything setup on a silver platter at OSU. Being 2 years in a system, having the best WR room in the country, being (at least co-) favorites to win a national title, etc.

: If he wants to go be the man at a 1B school or have a plug and play situation ready to go in year 3 at a bonafide 1A school

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