the B1G's upcoming TV deal renegotiation will be interesting to watch in many regards...

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By Brutus on 14:46:07 07/19/21
[In reply to "SI article today quoted anonymous AD’s saying 65 schools eventually break away to (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 13:17:02 07/19/21]

...but in large part due to stuff like you're talking about here - a legitimate sea change when it comes to big boy football realignment.

My guess is that it happens at some point but to line everything up will take many years to get figured out. Out beyond whatever the length is of the B1G's next TV deal. If the B1G's deal lines up in length with where the SEC is at...that could end up being a tell.

: form new division separate from NCAA. The article states conversations have already happened behind the scenes.

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