Exactly. Curt method of madness is political, not science based (m)

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By Barrett777 on 15:52:55 07/19/21
[In reply to "As more and more vaccinated people get the virus the not testing them is dumb...." by jharp, posted at 14:32:00 07/19/21]

College and pro healthy athletes under 40 years old are in a 1 in 100,000 chance or lower of dying from CV-19 if caught.

Tons of examples of how both vaccinated and unvaccinated catching and spreading.

No more testing for under 40 regardless unless they have symptoms. Use common sense like we always do if someone is sick. Stay home until you feel better.

Trying to threaten or make like extra difficult younger healthy people to try to force to take an experimental right to try drug with known adverse side effects an no known longer term history is literally criminal and evil at this stage. The vaccinated folks keep reseating they are safe with it, so why these evil threats of intimidation to try to force someone against their own common sense and free will?

Israel data is showing the best immunity against Delta is with the over 500,000 individuals with 0 jabs but prior infection. That group is 6 times less to get infected with Delta variant than the full Pfizer jabbed group. So if all the younger people want to go unvaxxed and catch it, and build the better immunity it would be preferable from real gerd immunity.

No one should care about anyone going forward unless they are actually sick with symptoms enough to stop them from playing. Vaccinated or unvaccinated.

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