Unvaccinated people who already were infected have best immunity. Data revealing that (m)

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By Barrett777 on 16:17:19 07/19/21
[In reply to "Its not my method & it literally IS science driving it. *" by buckeyecurt, posted at 16:07:12 07/19/21]

Under healthy people like college and pro athletes have less than a .001% chance if dying from CV-19. Much more worries from an experimental unknown longer term experimental drug for a disease they gave minuscule chance of getting seriously ill from.

Pure science that desires the strongest levels of immunity want this group to gain the strongest levels of immunity. That is not the experimental jabs that focus only in the spike protein. Natural immunity is much broader spectrum immunity of the actual virus and the spike protein.

Exactly why Israel is now documenting the unvaccinated group with prior infections doing 6 times better than those with two Pfizer jabs.

Turn your TV off, and quit listening to big Pharma driven MSM.

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