The NFL actively pursues parity; they have no use for designated cupcakes...

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By Zanzibar on 09:31:48 07/20/21
[In reply to "Why doesn't the NFL expand beyond 32?" by WolfBuck, posted at 08:11:56 07/20/21]

A very good NFL team like New England, even during their ahistorical recent run, still has five sub-0.500 seasons in the past 30 years. (In comparison, Ohio State has one in that same span.)

Similarly, every NFL team but one (yay Bengals) has been to the playoffs at least once within the past six years. In comparison, only 11 B1G teams (yay MD, RU, IL) have finished top-three in their division in the past six years, a roughly equivalent accomplishment. (31/32 = 97%, 11/14 = 79%)

: Does Akron or Tulsa or New Mexico have enough fan loyalty to generate TV income? I don't think so.

They don't have to generate TV income on their own if their primary "job" is to be a foil to the teams that really bring in the money. Is Rutgers a substantially more appealing televised opponent than Akron?

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