Who are the B1G players if any that would be good enough if they transferred in today to start for tOSU game 1 (m)

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By Barrett777 on 09:48:58 07/20/21

this year in football?

I think OSU would beat a B1G all-star team 9 out of 10 times with both teams having a month to prepare for first game, then play each additional game one week apart.

Are there 5 players in the B1G good enough to win a starting job for the Buckeyes?

I realize the All B1G lists do not have all Buckeyes in the First Team, but I do not think I would trade for 3 B1G players let alone 5.

Is this due to wearing my biased Scarlet and Grey glasses, or is the talent so tipped in OSU’s balance that the vast majority of OSU starters are the best players at their position in the B1G? A tie give the benefit to Buckeye starter.

Any obvious names? Not sure there is a SCum, PSU, MSU, or Wiscy player that would start for OSU this year.

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