Fields got torn apart for completing 70% of his throws 22-6 TD/INTs...

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By Brutus on 12:18:39 07/20/21
[In reply to "He had a very good game versus OSU, but so did Kyle Stanley in 2017 and Purdue’s QB in 2018 (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 10:37:59 07/20/21]

Penix was 56% and 14-4 even with his awesomeness against OSU.

Very good player, don't get me wrong. but that amazing game (really half) against OSU is clouding the judgement of some IMO.

: Penix in other games I watched looked good, but was missing some of the throes he had versus OSU.

: Coaches would be grading practice film, and looking for most consistent player who they also believe would have highest upside down the stretch.

: Penix might win that battle. I think it would be a toss-up. Different level of competition at OSU to have to beat out day to day. Not saying you are wrong since Penix is an outstanding talent, but OSU has some Uber talented young guns that would put up a healthy fight to start.

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