Our run of talent and success at QB has been incredible since Terrell Pryor. A remarkable string of players.

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By Mr.C on 12:26:51 07/20/21
[In reply to "experience at QB is overrated. talent/ability gets underrated..." by Brutus, posted at 11:59:22 07/20/21]

I mean, JT Barrett was probably the *least* talented of that group and that's amazing.

: ...just because it is young/unknown to those on the outside.

: No reason to question the unknown other than fear of it - or bias toward a more known quantity. Especially with Ohio State QBs given the run of success with whoever gets put under center. Especially if you discount the disaster of a year with Fickell as HC and the Tat5 doo doo.

: Stroud or whoever starts >>> Penix

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