JTB was a complete package of leadership, winner, runner, passer and a great college player (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:50:08 07/20/21
[In reply to "Just like how you admire JTBs passing skills*" by bresson, posted at 13:32:53 07/20/21]

The haters are going to hate for decades knowing JTB holds so many all-time Big Ten and OSU records including most wins, most passing yards and TD’s, and of course a lot of rushing yards. Urban knows nothing about football to the haters on this topic. LOK.

I grew up a humongous Archie fan. Who cares that Dorsett was the much better pro, or a number of other bigger and faster backs that played at OSU were better pros. Carlos Hyde had a much better NFL career, and was bigger and faster. He was not Archie as a college player and Buckeye.

JTB is the closest Buckeye to an Archie comparison there is.

Carry on though.

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