Yeah, the Tournament of Roses is a big thing and much older (1890) than the Rose Bowl. The Rose game was (m)

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By JWH on 17:05:47 07/20/21
[In reply to "The money generated by the parade dwarfs what they make from the game" by RandyH, posted at 09:29:00 07/20/21]

started by the ToR committee and the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce as a way to help promote and fund the existing ToR, and SoCal tourism and from cold, snowy, eastern states in general.

However, the first ToR game, played in a Pasadena public park on Jan 1, 1902, was a flop. Michigan whipped Stanford so badly (49-0) that Stanford quit in the 3rd quarter. The ToR didn't attempt another game until 1916.

The 1916-1922 ToR games were also played in a public park, at first with no bleachers, then as the popularity of the game grew, with temporary bleachers constructed just for the game. The annual game became such a success and attendance grew so quickly that a stadium, modeled after the Yale Bowl and dubbed the Rose Bowl, was built and completed in time for the 1923 ToR match-up.

Pasadena's success led to chambers of commerce in cities all across the US, especially those in the warm-in-winter regions, to start their own invitational post-season exhibition games, but the Rose will always be known as "the granddaddy of them all".

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