Everything you said is true, but enhanced virtual reality is the big change coming, within 10 years (m)

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By Ivo Shandor on 10:42:09 07/21/21
[In reply to "True or False: Ohio Stadium will have 80,000' or less seats in 20 years " by AkronBuckJF, posted at 10:13:53 07/21/21]

The next wave of monetization:
1. picking your seat to virtually watch the game
2. watching the game live from a mini camera above the QB's head or the referee
3. 360 views from on the field
4. Interactive gambling / guess the play / fantasy games on every play
5. The stadium experience will have to evolve, and I can see taking seats out to put in more lounges, more luxury boxes & bars/restaurants, interactive areas, fan experience things, etc.

: I think B Deck and C Deck will be lodges.

: Traditionalists will be turned off by gameday experience and this new version of the game.
: TV experience will be preferable
: Seats will get wider for our fat society so they will lose seats
: Admin will want to replicate NFL stadiums and maximize profits
: Younger generation have other interest than College football

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