I am not an alum, so you are right that my perspective is different. The ‘02 Washington St game (m)

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By buckeyecurt on 11:03:02 07/21/21
[In reply to "Curt, as to which games are more important, what was the best game you attended as a student at tOSU?(m)" by Club Seats, posted at 10:55:01 07/21/21]

will probably always be my favorite game ever attended. Maurice Clarrett broke onto the scene & GameDay was there. The environment was nuts. I’m also of the generation that places very little importance on the Rose Bowl because it hasn’t been end goal for programs since I was literally a small child. In no way was I intending to bash the Rose Bowl.

I simply was stating that Ryan Day and his staff spend zero time talking about that game. Ohio State ending up in that game in today’s system, means they lost at least twice & had a disappointing season.

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