The organic structure of the sport up until the internet age lent itself to certain poetics that don't track well now.

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By Mr.C on 11:20:09 07/21/21
[In reply to "You can bash the Rose Bowl. Its just your opinion about a game trying to stay relevant in a fast paced world. People " by Smartwater, posted at 11:13:57 07/21/21]

Getting to the Rose Bowl was obviously a monumental goal when that was the best you could possibly do. And the beauty of the experience only added to its prestige. The national title was a separate discussion entirely because it was a disconnected process. Making the NC something achievable on the field (more or less) in some venue other than the Rose Bowl necessarily steals meaning and importance from the Rose Bowl.

I'm just old enough to have a clear and embedded nostalgia for the Rose, something I've been brainwashed with since birth, but current/future generations aren't going to have that and there's no way to bring it back. Have to make the most of where we are.

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