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By Dr. Buckeye on 11:27:32 07/21/21
[In reply to "Curt, as to which games are more important, what was the best game you attended as a student at tOSU?(m)" by Club Seats, posted at 10:55:01 07/21/21]

I was a student from 1976-1980. Two games that I attended come to mind - the 1977 game against Oklahoma which the Buckeyes lost but it was an amazing game. The other was traveling to AA for the 1979 game against *ichigan. OSU secured an undefeated season and trip to the Rose Bowl with an 18-15 win. The blocked punt for a TD that won the game was in the end zone we were sitting in. It was tremendous celebrating that TD.

Back then, the Rose Bowl was THE prize. The Bucks played USC and lost by a point or we'd have one more NC. I attended the 1997 Rose Bowl game against Arizona State, which was a great game, but it was somewhat anti-climatic after the gut wrenching loss to *ichigan. I don't miss those days at all!

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