Okay, it was a trick question. Curt is not an alum. As a result, his entire being is invested in OSU football (m)

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By Club Seats on 11:59:14 07/21/21
[In reply to "Curt, as to which games are more important, what was the best game you attended as a student at tOSU?(m)" by Club Seats, posted at 10:55:01 07/21/21]

non-alumni make up 85% of the Ohio State football fanbase. Alumni Vs non-alumni generally have a different perspective on things, like the Rose Bowl.

Curt has then passionate current day view of things millenials live by. And millenials think boomers like me screwed up their lives. That's another story.

And there is this view that letting players get paid is going to make things better. No, it won't. It'll just be different. And it won't be what alumni think of as Ohio State football. So, the whole thread below about having only 80,000 in attendance is probably spot on.

Me? What games have I seen? Over 1,000 Anaheim Ducks hockey games. Over 1,000 Angels baseball games. And enough other stuff that, if you started today, you would have to attend a major league game every day for six years to see what I've attended.

Probably Smartwater has been to more games. Who knows. It doesn't make me an expert but I've seen a lot of stuff over the years.

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