We agree that alums views are very different. But because of the massive amounts of money the sport (m)

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By buckeyecurt on 12:10:58 07/21/21
[In reply to "Okay, it was a trick question. Curt is not an alum. As a result, his entire being is invested in OSU football (m)" by Club Seats, posted at 11:59:14 07/21/21]

has generated for Universities & television partners, traditions were never going to be able to continue the way they remember them.

The sport grew because it was awesome.

It evolved to gain exposure through television.

It felt it was time to crown a champion so it developed a championship game & eventually, a tournament.

Coaches started approaching 10M a year & the Supreme Court stated the NCAA was essentially stealing from student athletes.

Wishing that the sport you fell in love with 50 years ago still existed in its same form, is also saying you wish it never became more popular. Because with popularity comes the casual fan & massive amounts of money.

What you really want still exists. At Wittenberg or Mount Union. Just not at this level.

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