This all started unraveling when ESPN started (m)

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By Club Seats on 12:50:05 07/21/21
[In reply to "We agree that alums views are very different. But because of the massive amounts of money the sport (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 12:10:58 07/21/21]

Remember, the two guys who started ESPN were so uncertain of their success, they named it the ENTERTAINMENT and Sports Programming Network.

In their search for content, they persuaded MAC schools to play Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. TV discovered people had a real love of live sports. Why? You didn't know how it would end. You had to tune in.

Skipping all the evolutions to get us to where even I have a smart TV and watch streaming sites, now everything is available somewhere. And the hottest properties are live sports. Hence the prices paid to advertise there are astronomical.

And what did universities do to cause all this? NOTHING!!! It just happened and here they are with hot media properties that have nothing to do with the original academic intent of the university.

Hence, I think it's time for tOSU et al to cut the cord. If you like NIL, then you'll love OhioStateBuckeyes LLC, an entity that will license the right to present major sports and pay The Ohio State University to use it's NIL, and facilities. You wanna call yourself Ohio State, you're going to pay bigtime. And this gets the university out of the big time athletic business.

And, for the 85% it won't make one bit of difference.

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