it's more about being a brand that you can sell to networks or other media outlets...

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By Brutus on 15:38:51 07/21/21
[In reply to "At what point are conferences too big to be a cohesive set of teams? I'd argue we're there already. *" by DesertBuckeye, posted at 14:33:47 07/21/21]

...which I get why many people hate this. but a league that can sell Bama, UGA, UF, Texas, OU, LSU as well as the others in one package...well they'd have amazing properties under their umbrella to sell.

B1G can choose to be more academically conscious as a group and that fine. from a football perspective that approach will lead to the league falling behind more and more. Dragging Ohio State football along with it eventually.

That ND and the B1G never got things figured out is a major mistake for the B1G. ND will be fine and if anything have seen their profile enhanced with the semi-addition to the ACC. The B1G could really use the ND brand, though.

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