Brief search didn't turn it up, but I remember BITD, Woody was concerned that $$ would ruin CFB. I don't care for -m

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By BuckeyeDale on 17:22:16 07/21/21
[In reply to "Sounds like the Rose Bowl is going to continue to be a thorn in the CFP's side in negotiating the new structure" by Buck the Trend, posted at 09:11:05 07/20/21]

what it is turning into. For years, we were happy to be a little different, to be traditional, to NOT become the NoFunLeague-LITE...Then along came BSPiN, throwing Big Bucks at people...I'm afraid we've lost our game.

: as they want to be sure they keep that NYD time slot. It's so ridiculous that college football continues to worry about these bowls and their demands and feelings. Quit trying to tie in bowl games to the CFP at all. It's fine to include those cities/bowls when warranted, but quit even including them in any negotiation for the next contract.

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