One thing to think about. Texas thinks they are the Big Dog - their rich alumni and fans ...

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By jharp on 17:41:33 07/21/21

Are not going to want to be the 5th best team in the SEC West.

Have all been more relevant recently.
The BiG West is far better for them. They would instantly be #2 and in a fight with Wisconsin for dominance.
BT can welcome them in and let them keep their own network. SEC will not let that happen. Then givethem their share of conference money. It is a no brainer for Texas.
Then BT can see about Georgia Tech for the East. Another academic university but it would open up the Georgia Florida recruiting more for the conference.
Side note - why let them keep their own network? I believe it is an ESPN sponsored network and therefore I would hope to get some better press from them.
Just a thought

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