Day is in a tough position with Coombs and this defense (m)

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By Poisonut on 07:05:55 09/14/21

He really has 3 options

1. Force Coombs to shift his scheme and method of attacking offenses and thus having to reteach and reprogram young players who are already playing slow. Tweaking things is one thing, but that probably doesn't fix this defense. A major shift is going to set this defense back for weeks, and probably make things worse than they are currently. Not to mention the probable tension that will exist as a Coordinator feeling handcuffed to a calling a defense he either doesn't feel comfortable calling or doesn't believe in and resentment and animosity will grow and could eventually boil over.

2. Let it ride with Coombs and hope he can get things fixed and save his job or he sinks his own ship. Then he's able to really evaluate the job of Coombs with 2 full seasons of track record and make a move based on that evaluation. An early/mid season firing would be a bad look to future candidates for positions on Day's staff. Whether you think Coombs deserves if or not, any coach coming into that kind of position is going to want at least a couple of years to try and get things going with out fear of getting the axe.

3. Fire Coombs in the middle of the season, and elevate an assistant as an interim. But what does this move really fix? Again, are you really going to make major schematic changes to a defense in the middle of a season? Is that really going to make the defense better? Will there be an assistant that fully buys into this, because further poor performance will be assigned to them at that point when they assume the position. As stated they come in behind the eight ball, meaning the cards are stacked against them when it comes to potential success.

In my opinion #2 is the only option. It could be painful remainder of the season, but a major change at this point isn't going to accomplish a turnaround imo.

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